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The “Morning Mist” is a 85′ Luxury Yacht that has 5 private in-suite cabins each with a TV. It has a piano, 48” TV and electric fireplace.  You can book this yacht as a bed and breakfast or you can cruise the beautiful San Francisco Bay. The captain and his wife will be on board to make sure your stay on the “Morning Mist” is comfortable. The $1,495 per night is for up to 8 guests.

You can charter this yacht to cruise the wonderful sites of the San Francisco Bay, such as a trip under the Golden Gate Bridge; a 2 – 3 hour stop at Angel Island and a leisurely cruise past the San Francisco water front.  Another option would be to charter the yacht for up to 7 days to follow the old paddle wheel routes all the way up the Sacramento River to Sacramento. There would be many stops at the river towns along the way.

You can also charter this yacht to do an ash scattering event for your family.  Please inquire for details.

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