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"Morning Mist", the premier San Francisco charter yacht


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A Romantic Dinner Cruise in the San Francisco Bay,

aboard a private, luxury charter yacht, the Morning Mist

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Is there a romantic date in your future?  A date to celebrate with that one very special person in your life?  A reason to say “I love you” in a most unforgettable way?

An anniversary...

A proposal...

An intimate wedding...


A birthday celebration...

Or just because

you’re so in love...

What better way

of celebrating

than a romantic

cruise of the

San Francisco Bay

--sunset, a

romantic dinner,

and a view of the lights of the City, the most romantic city in the world.










    Is there some special surprise you’d like to give that special person?  Let us know and we’ll help you arrange it.

Contact us today, and let us provide you with the opportunity to make sweet memories with a sunset dinner cruise, or a romantic weekend cruise.


831-234-4183                 email  Captain Jack Bell

Email: ctsjackbell@yahoo.com

    Be pampered guests on a luxurious private yacht.  Dine like royalty on the superb gourmet cuisine.  Enjoy the romantic ambiance.