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"Morning Mist", the premier San Francisco charter yacht


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Crew of the “Morning Mist”, San Francisco Charter Yacht

The crew makes all the difference on a small yacht charter. Get to know the  warm and hospitable crew of the Morning Mist, San Francisco’s premier charter yacht.  

Captain Jack and Tricia Bell, owners of the private luxury charter yacht Morning Mist

Captain Jack Bell has over twenty-five years of experience navigating the waters of North Americas west coast from California to Alaska. He is a U.S. Coast Guard certified master of vessels to 100 tons and is trained and certified in first aid and CPR.

Captain Jack was born in Ontario, Canada but has been a citizen of the US since 1967. Captain Jack and his lovely wife Tricia are semi-retired from corporate life. The company they owned was a consortium of 1,200 travel agencies throughout the US and Canada. Much of their work was associated with the cruise line industry. They were VIP guests on almost every new cruise ship inaugural sailing that has been built in the last ten years. Their work in the travel industry privileged them with being able to travel all over the world participating in seminars and meetings in many countries. They sold their company a few years ago and are doing what they love, boating in San Francisco Bay up to Sacramento. Captain Jack and Tricia make great hosts and can turn a normal charter into a fun filled warm and pleasant experience. The highlight of their summer is when their grandkids are on board and Captain Jack is taking them exploring in the tender. Captain Jack is a licensed Merchant Marine Captain. He is meticulous and consciences about safety on board the yacht, which starts with a brief safety lecture at the beginning of each cruise. Captain Jack says “We have never had a close call safety wise” and he is determined to keep it that way.

Tricia’s duties at their company were to manage the office and staff and from time to time lead groups of travel agency owners to places like the Caribbean, Mexico and Alaska. Most of these trips were on cruise ships. She now says that traveling by private yacht is far superior in many ways than cruising on cruise ships. Tricia was born in San Diego and attended college in San Francisco. Besides helping Captain Jack as First Mate with duties on the yacht, Tricia is also the chef and plans all of the meals. If you want to know what a fabulous cook she is, just look at the captain’s waistline.

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