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Angel Island


A stop on the “Cruise San Francisco Bay Weekend”

aboard the “Morning Mist” charter yacht

Angel Island is the largest of the islands in San Francisco Bay, just a short ways across the water from Tiburon harbor, and is home to the beautiful Angel Island State Park.  On our weekend charter cruise of San Francisco Bay, we stop at Angel Island so you can enjoy a tram tour around the historic island.  There are breathtaking views of Marin County, the City of San Francisco, Sausalito, Tiburon, the Golden Gate Bridge, and on some days, all five of the bay’s bridges. Great photo opportunities!



The habor at Angel Island
Angel Island and its harbor
Hiking on Angel Island

Angel Island has quite a history.  Miwok Indians are known to have hunted and fished there as far back as three thousand years ago.

    In 1775, the first ship from Europe entered the San Francisco Bay, a Spanish naval vessel named the San Carlos, commanded by Juan de Ayala.  He anchored off Angel Island in a little bay now named Ayala Cove, and he gave the island its current name: Isla de Los Angeles.


Immigration Center on Angel Island
A beautiful beach on Angel Island in the San Francisco Bay
A tram tour of Angel Island

    Subsequently it was a cattle

ranch, a U.S. Army post, and

an immigration station through

which hundreds of thousands of immigrants, the majority from China, entered the United States.  Almost 20,000 Japanese “picture brides” had come through Angel Island by the end of the 1920’s.

    During World War II, it served as a detention camp for prisoners of war, and was also a disembarkation point for soldiers coming home from the Pacific.

    From 1955 to 1962, during the cold war with Russia, the island was home to a number of Nike missiles, protecting the United States’ western coast.

    Today, it is a stopping-off spot for visitors on a cruise of the San Francisco Bay.  The highest peak on the island is Mount Livermore, at 781 feet, from which one can see Mt. Tamalpais, the Marin Headlands, the City, and the Bay.  It was named for Caroline Livermore, a conservationist who was a major force in creating the Angel Island State Park.

There are 13 miles of hiking trails, and 8 trails devoted to bicyclists on Angel Island.

California poppies and other wildflowers on Angel Island

The island encompasses mountains, beaches, woodlands and meadows, is rich in trees and wildflowers, and provides a home for deer, raccoons, and many types of birds.  One also frequently sees seals and sea lions.

A picnic area on Angel Island
Wildflowers on Angel Island

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